How does ntropy help?

ntropy is one of the fastest growing companies in experience management.

Here’s Why…

ntropy streamlines your digital engagement and feedback collection, improving the quality and volume of your survey responses, and making your data easy to analyze and report on.

The ntropy platform is used by organizations across the world to connect with their target audience, capture feedback and experience data, and view reports and dashboards. Once your target demographic has been identified, the platform is used to create an engagement campaign to elicit information that’s useful to your decision makers. Once collected, the data can be analysed to reveal useful insights and patterns. These can then be extracted into a range of custom reports – allowing key stakeholders to make evidence based decisions. By using ntropy, you can streamline your processes, maintain a high degree of oversight with your work,  and spearhead digital transformation throughout your teams. The platform is also designed to be flexible enough to cater to a range of engagement tasks. This includes the delivery of questionnaires through our survey builder, campaign management, assisting with public outreach and much more.

Simple, efficient, and easy to use – ntropy adds value throughout your work. This empowers you to acquire fully validated insights with a degree of speed and accuracy that would be impossible through the use of paper processes, individual tools, or other more costly and complicated SaaS solutions.

What common obstacles does ntropy address?

Some of the most common complaints the platform addresses include:

    • No one responds to our surveys: Failure to engage with potential respondents can be challenging. This led us to build an incentivization functionality that lets you offer tangible rewards to respondents. ntropy guides you through the process of gamification and incentives that help encourage completion.
    • We’re just not getting quality data: Capturing poor quality or off-target data is a constant worry for any organization. ntropy provides all customers with a dedicated success manager who works with you to ensure your campaign asks the right questions and uses the correct question types to get the data you need.
    • Data gathering takes too much time: Resource management and the pursuit of efficiency is essential for any survey team, no matter the size. Once a respondent engages with a survey or campaign, their reply is automatically processed by the platform without any need for additional management or supervision – eliminating data hygiene issues and human error. This automates the process entirely and allows your team to spend their time on other mission critical activities. Your captured contact details can then be used to build a representative panel of established respondents that can be recontacted in future to rapidly get feedback and fresh responses.
    • Sifting through responses is creating a roadblock: Once a response is captured on the system it is immediately visible on your dedicated dashboard – allowing you to filter the information by a range of criteria. This negates any need to move between separate tools or compare and contrast datasheets, letting you retrieve the information you need with a single click.
    • We’re in the dark about what we should be doing better!: ntropy is designed for the long-term support of your key mission goals. This allows your teams to better understand the information that you gather and to use analytics to see where your approach may be failing. This can be as simple as showing gaps in your data entry or highlighting new areas for study. ntropy guides you to help improve your overall experience, allowing you to prevent issues before your campaign even starts.