Platform Features

Explore our continually evolving suite of platform features…

ntropy has a unified suite of tools and features that make engagement and feedback simple and straightforward. These include:

Our drag-n-drop survey builder contains over 20 question types that enable you to capture a wealth of relevant data. This includes multiple choice, free text input, matrix, NPS, image and audio capture, and more. This allows you to apply additional validation to ensure that the right information is being captured and that no parts of the form represent an obstacle to completion.

The survey builder lets users capture information with accuracy, ease, and pick from a question library for question reuse. If required, your customer success manager can review your campaign before going live to spot issues or further optimize your content. Your surveys can also be internally tested without information capture by survey builders, decision makers, stakeholders, or sample audiences, to ensure that they are ready for distribution.

Engagement insight: ntropy collects participant responses via desktop, mobile or tablet devices. This also allows you to be location aware through the capture of valuable location and sensor data to help add value to future campaigns.

Question logic: Our form builder can be used to create and deploy detailed question logic to refine how questions appear on the form. This can be as simple as hiding and showing options, carrying out complex calculations, and more.

Time saving: Once a form is complete, it can be easily copied or added to a new or existing campaign; saving on your team’s effort and resources.

Audio Analytics: Your surveys can also capture audio through speech to text and provide audio analytics such as speaker ID, sentiment analysis and much more.

Custom Branding: your content can be branded as required, letting you upload backgrounds, logos, and set your color scheme as required. This can go as far as allowing for an unlimited range of language options, letting you deliver surveys with automatic translation back to English.

The platform allows for a high degree of granularity and control when it comes to contacting respondents about your campaign. This allows you to select a method of engagement, set a location for your campaign, and contact previous respondents to steadily build a contact database or research panel to help support continuous feedback.

In practical terms, this allows your campaigns to provide a maximum ROI on your data goals. Respondents can be alerted via inbound SMS keyword notifications assisted by geofencing. The platform can also send outbound alerts and links through email, via web forms on smart devices, or take manual inputs from intercept surveys.

Targeted catchment: Your teams have complete control over who is being approached, when, where, and for how long. This also allows you to retarget and segment individuals who responded, allowing for additional insight for your data analysis, reporting, and to help push future questions and surveys.

Greater online outreach: Deploying digital engagement allows you to engage with audiences that would be otherwise unreachable.

Go-live control and validation: Deciding on the specifics of your targeting allows you to have full control over when your engagement starts and ends, ensuring the creating of a diverse, representative sample set.

Embedded Widgets: Customize your feedback widget and embed directly in websites or mobile apps.

SMS and Email: Create SMS keywords to trigger feedback, or push feedback requests directly to respondents via SMS and email.

All data captured by the ntropy platform is accessed through a clean, intuitive dashboard interface. This allows administrators the ability to access analysis, engagement, and visualization tools with a single click. Consolidating these capabilities in a unified platform saves significant time and keeps engagement straightforward for all levels of your team – allowing a quick ‘at a glance’ overview of your live campaign progress.

If more detail is required, the platform can be configured with an additional stakeholder landing page, a dedicated website that contains public facing information about your project and surveys.

It can also be highly customized with the deployment of advanced dashboards which visualize key data that is unique to your campaigns. This is further supported by automatic dashboards that help visualize, filter, and represent responses with ease.

High usability: Providing a unified view means that your teams no longer waste time transferring data between different engagement tools – minimizing errors and maximizing effectiveness.

Live updates: Your campaigns are updated live as your respondents interact with them. This gives an unprecedented degree of control and insight into your progress and helps drive planning and change throughout your teams.

Advanced dashboards: These provide detailed insight without the need for data crunching or costly data scientists. Once configured, they can be accessed at any time and can help achieve insights that would otherwise be impossible to acquire.

Third-party integration: As an open platform, ntropy allows for integration with third-party systems such as Power BI, Constant Contact and Salesforce and over 150 other systems.

ntropy provides a suite of reporting tools that make extracting information from the platform clean and simple. This allows you to visualize abstract data and filter reports by key criteria such as geographic location, date, or question type. Once selected, the information can be exported in a range of common formats, such as Excel, CSV, JSON, SPSS, and more.

This helps validate and support future decision making and gather evidence in support of your findings. With speed and ease your end data can help refine your working approach, challenge long-held assumptions, and provide insights that would have otherwise remained unknown. You can also use a key stats widget to quickly view essential information such as completion figures, dropout rates, and more.

Data visualization: The platform is able to display any visual data from your system dashboard with ease, letting you create custom charts and graphs with a click.

New insights: ntropy allows for the capture and representation of quantitative and qualitative feedback – letting you quantify written data and compare a wealth of numerical feedback with ease.

Long- and short-term reporting: The reporting tool lets your administrators compare and contrast data sets from any period of time. This adds additional depth to their reporting so you can use ntropy as a living dataset to provide long-term value.

Analysis functions: Inbuilt statistical functions and features, such as the capacity to create pivot tables for cross tab analysis, make data analysis straightforward.

Getting people to give feedback can be a considerable challenge. When it comes to designing your engagement campaign, administrators can choose to deploy a range of incentivisation methods that reward respondents for completing surveys and forms.

This can take the form of a ‘wheel’ to gamify your engagement or allow a respondent to pick the reward they prefer. This also includes the capacity to gift an award to a range of relevant charities, helping to you encourage respondents who may be motivated by gifting as well as deploying leader boards to encourage friendly competition.

Custom rewards: These can be vouchers, access to prizes draws, or any other type of reward that you have in mind.

Build trust: The promise of a tangible reward from a known brand can encourage unsure respondents to take part.

Targeted incentivization: The capacity to customize your rewards allows you to make them attractive to certain types of respondents, such as those of a particular age or background. The platform can help you identify the most popular rewards for your target demographic so that you can continue to offer them in future.

Digital Fingerprint: Use device fingerprinting to limit responses to one submission per person.

Our Pulse mobile app can be used to place your forms and surveys at a respondent’s fingertips. Designed to work on a range of smart devices, the app has a flexible layout and allows for comprehensive rebranding. Combining high usability and a small digital footprint, this helps increase your response rate and allows your participants to answer with ease and convenience.

The flexibility of the app allows it to be repurposed for a number of uses. This has previously been used to help with internal business messaging, event management, and more. If deployed, it is a quick and simple step on the way to embracing digital transformation and provides a robust option for teams prioritizing a comprehensive approach to engagement.

Increased access: Available on iOS and Android, the app can be deployed by a range of smart device users with ease.

Capture device information: The platform can capture data on how users interact with your surveys and forms, capturing hesitations, errors, or if they abandon engagement. These observations can then lead to improvements in your form design and approach.

Build trust: The Pulse app can be refitted with your branding, letting users build trust and increase their rate of engagement.