Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked…

  • Who is ntropy for?

    ntropy is for any team or company that wants to collect and act on feedback, be it from customers, citizens, or employees. ntropy is a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) engagement and feedback platform with a unified toolkit of functionality that solves a number of problems. We have customers from a range of fields that have used the platform to meet their unique requirements. The platform is also highly modular by design. ntropy can manage customer support teams, provide a rewards framework, help to drive academic engagement, and more.

  • How does ntropy help me or my team?

    ntropy helps your teams in two key ways: through raising the quality of feedback you receive and making their jobs easier to perform.

    Our form builder is designed to ensure that questionnaires are easy to create and that only quality information is captured. Your analytics dashboards allow you to have full oversight over all campaigns and report on live feedback with ease. These can be tailored on a user specific basis and allow key members of staff to produce detailed custom reports with a click.

    The platform also uses automation to reduce the administrative workload on staff – allowing you to copy questions and forms to avoid repetitive activity that can introduce error. Once created, a successful campaign can be reused with minor adjustments (if required) to save on organisational effort. This and other numerous improvements allow smaller teams to maximise their efficiency and put their effort in where it counts.

  • How does ntropy help decision makers and stakeholders?

    ntropy ensures that the results of your engagement campaign are easy to review and allows for in-depth analysis of your findings.

    Once respondents have engaged with your campaign, their inputs can be easily organised to draw out actionable insights for decision makers in your organisation. This can be carried out through the standard and advanced dashboards, allowing for the production of hard evidence to support decisions based on your qualitative and quantitative feedback.

    The platform can also produce detailed reports capturing relevant information while an engagement campaign is ongoing or after it has been completed. These can include comprehensive visual aids with a click of a button, allowing you to pull out helpful insights with ease, whilst maximizing the readability and impact of your findings.

  • What support do you offer?

    If you have questions or queries, your dedicated customer success agent can help provide the guidance to get you back on track. If technical issues do arise, we have a dedicated support helpline, available 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, allowing you to fully address any issues that may occur.

    If additional training is required due to turnover or other issues, we will be happy to provide remote training for your administrators, team members, or other users. This allows new team members to get up to speed quickly and effectively, helping you save time and reduce your workload.

  • How is your training delivered?

    Our training is delivered alongside the creation of your first campaign on the system, allowing your team to start tackling their workload with confidence and in-depth knowledge of the ntropy platform..

    One of our key goals is ensuring that all your administrators and team members are fully trained in the use of your system when it goes live. Once your team starts using the system, your designated customer success manager  will work with you to combine the processes of configuration and training.

    This means that once the training period is finished, employees will have a full understanding of how their workflow is configured, how to execute key process steps, and how to maintain, manage, and report on key actions. This can be delivered as required depending on your team composition and the responsibilities that unique administrators possess on the system.

    Overall, we empower our customers to to take full ownership of their data and the platform but always support them to the highest degree possible. This includes offering options for recording initial training sessions and providing administrators with material to support their internal training or as refresher material. We can also provide briefing documents and guidance on key process steps if required.

    We believe in empowering our customers to develop independence with the system. If members of your team have specific training requirements or needs, we will always work to accommodate them as much as possible and ensure that they are able to carry out their duties with confidence.

  • Can you help our team get better responses?


    Increasing the volume and quality of your responses is a cornerstone of the ntropy approach. Our in-house team contains data experts and engagement specialists who provide best-practice guidance supported by years of professional experience and comprehensive research.

    The platform is designed to allow respondents to easily complete their forms while maximizing the quality of their responses. We also offer a question bank of common or best practice questions to help make survey building easier. This can also involve setting incentivization methods for your questions, letting you choose rewards for respondents that range from gift cards, to prize tickets, charity gift giving, or whatever motivators you require.

    When your final data is presented, the response rate can be reviewed and analysed. This provides helpful guidance for future campaigns to encourage better qualities of response, the application of proven incentivization methods, and more.

  • What happens if my workflow processes don’t fit the platform?

    ntropy is a highly flexible platform, which means your  processes can almost always be accommodated.

    For many customers, using ntropy is an opportunity to remove unnecessary steps from their workflows and save time and resources. If your processes involve a step that is beyond the capacity of the platform, ntropy will turn to one of our fully-qualified partner organisations. They can provide supplementary assistance for your campaign that ranges from advertising, deep statistical analysis, physical marketing, and more.

    If you want to learn more about our partner organisations, you can do so from here.

  • Why choose ntropy?

    Because ntropy is designed from the ground up to support your use-case.

    The platform is user friendly, drives efficiency at all levels of your campaigns, and comes with enough core and additional functionality to meet almost any data capture and analysis requirements.

    If you want to find out how our toolkit can help you, you can book a demo or contact us directly and outline your processes. A member of our team will get in touch promptly to guide you through a session and help determine how ntropy can help you.

  • Do customers have input to the direction of the platform?


    We have a long-term roadmap for elements and functionality that will be added to the platform in the near future.

    If you’re keen to see new features added to the list, we are happy to take onboard any of your thoughts and feedback. In addition, if a new tool is in development, we will consult with all customers to ensure that it provides maximum benefit and that any critical edge-cases are considered.

    While we cannot guarantee that every suggestion will make its way onto the platform, we regularly release new updates and features requested by our customers. Your specific needs can be addressed during information gathering or through your customer success manager once you are live on the platform.

  • What languages are supported during data capture?

    Surveys can be configured to default to a certain language or to present the user with a choice to select their preferred language before the survey begins. We utilize a user-defined dictionary based approach to language translations, which means that responses are always recorded in a standardized language so that whether your respondent said ‘Si’, ‘Ja’, ‘Oui’, or ‘HIja’, the data will be recorded as ‘Yes’. This ensures your reporting is easily understandable and clean, eliminating the need for language specific results analysis.