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Trash the

boring forms.

Continuous employee feedback is the foundation of any world-class, award-winning work life culture that attracts and retains talented people. And by “continuous”, we’re not talking quarterly surveys delivered through boring, web-based forms. We’re talking about real-time feedback channels that allow for unprompted, honest feedback when it really matters.

Seamless Integration

Create branded feedback channels that allow your employees to submit feedback in the moment. Employees can text a keyword to trigger feedback collection, engage online through web-based surveys and feedback widgets, or log in to a personalized app. Already have a portal for employee engagement? Embed ntropy’s solution in minutes using a single line of code.

Feedback Anonymity

Studies show that you capture more feedback when employees are reassured that their feedback will remain anonymous. ntropy allows you to store all responses against de-identified user IDs, whilst still utilizing hierarchical structures and tags. Track progress over time, notice patterns within teams, and identify areas for improvement – all whilst respecting the privacy of the employee.

An End-To-End Solution

Packed full of functionality to support a 24-7 feedback culture.

Hello Gamification!

Drive more feedback with rewards.

Stop bombarding your employees with emails and Slack messages to ensure they complete your feedback surveys. It’s time to start reaping the benefits of gamification, and incentivize ongoing participation with rewards.

Our platform has been designed to support a wide range of rewards that can be customized to fit your needs. Company points, e-vouchers, swag, entries into a monthly prize-draw… we’ve got you covered. Simply setup your rewards logic in our admin portal, then allow employees to track their feedback progress and spin the rewards wheel when they reach your rewards threshold.

Smarter Insights

Interactive dashboards to support data-driven decisions.

All business decisions – including those that effect your company’s culture – should be supported by data. That’s why we provide visual, interactive dashboards that enable you to see your employee feedback in real-time.

Our dashboards are tailored to fit your business needs, which means you can easily explore, filter and segment your data to find patterns over time, identify actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions. Download reports or raw data to support budget requests, share dashboards with managers, or embed graphs in presentations to highlight culture initiatives with key stakeholders.

Case Studies

See why leading companies around the world are choosing ntropy

From high-growth startups to academic institutions and major corporations, ntropy is powering engagement for thousands of employees.

  • Spotinst - San Francisco

    Coming soon – learn how Spotinst, one of Israel’s fastest growing startups, used ntropy to create a culture of innovation and success based on continuous feedback and improvement.

  • Major Hospitality Group - Australia

    Coming soon – discover how a leading hospitality group in Australia used continuous feedback to reduce employee turnover and foster a culture of innovation.

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