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The experience that your customers have with your brand is quickly rising to become the #1 reason that people come, stay or go. Because of this, 89% of today’s companies compete primarily on customer experience when it comes to acquisition and retention of their base. Key to this race is understanding what your customers are saying about your brand, and acting on their feedback in real-time to ensure you’re constantly delivering an exceptional experience.


ntropy enables you to create multiple feedback channels to engage with customers across their entire Journey, in a way that’s convenient and rewarding for them. Gone are the days when a single, list-style survey will suffice. Customers want to engage with you in the moment, when they have something to say. ntropy is designed to enable a two-way stream of communication, where customers can trigger feedback using SMS keywords or engage in real-time using on-site widgets and responsive, branded surveys. All engagement methods are personalized to ensure increased responses and contextual insights.

Real-Time Analytics

ntropy’s real-time, interactive dashboards capture feedback and sensor data as it comes in, providing you with intelligent results and actionable insights. Filter responses by demographics, location and date to find customer patterns and changes to brand sentiment over time. Use historic data to create customer profiles and personalize the experience for target groups, then optimize over time as you see the results flow in and identify areas of improvement. Data should be at the heart of every decision you make, so our dashboards are available out-of-the-box for quick setup, or can be customized to meet your business needs.


ntropy supports a wide range of rewards to incentivize feedback. From brand-specific rewards to eVouchers for online retailers to prize-draw entries, you can customize what rewards should be shown, when, and for how long.

Extended Reach

Seek feedback from your existing customer-base, or extend your reach by engaging ntropy’s fast-growing community of users. ntropy also supports integrations with popular social channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Case Studies

Trusted by leading companies around the world  

Whether you’re attracting and retaining more customers, performing market research for a new product launch, or optimizing every customer interaction, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Click on the boxes to expand our case studies and discover more, or keep scrolling to discover ntropy in action.

  • Campbelltown Catholic Club - Customer Insights & Market Research

    Incentivized feedback from the local region used to support a company wide re-branding initiative.

    The Campbelltown Catholic Club is one of Sydney’s premier destinations for entertainment, dining and leisure, providing excellent customer service in a dynamic, innovative and safe environment.

    Embarking on a rebrand in 2018, the company recognized that feedback from the general public was key to successfully executing on their goals and creating a destination that their customers loved.

    ntropy was used to create a feedback campaign that asked the public a variety of customer experience questions. In order to maximize responses, rewards were offered on survey completion, and could be won by spinning the ntropy rewards wheel. Rewards were then automatically distributed to winners via email. The campaign was pushed to people in the Campbelltown area using Facebook, and instantly began capturing feedback from the community.

    Data captured through this campaign highlighted key insights including the events that people like to attend, the types of drinks they enjoy, the environment they’re looking for (e.g. child friendly), as well as recommendations for improvement. ntropy’s real-time dashboards also allowed the company to see how feedback differed between local suburbs, enabling them to adapt their marketing accordingly.

    Ultimately, this campaign captured unique feedback that not only helped drive business change at a day-to-day level, but also provided actionable insights and supportive data for their company re-brand.

  • Jewish Vocational Services - Improved Learning

    Instant feedback and increased levels of engagement across the JVS community.

    With 40+ years of experience, JVS knows how to help people find good, living wage jobs. Their programs focus on industries that are hiring and can offer career path jobs, such as healthcare, financial services, technology and trades. Since 1973, JVS has helped more than 85,000 people in the Bay Area to build skills, find jobs and transform their lives.

    Critical to JVS’ success is their ability to listen to feedback from students and adapt their courses and learning material as required. To enhance this culture of continuous feedback and improvement, JVS uses ntropy to create and distribute micro surveys that can be triggered by students at any moment by simply texting a keyword, or visiting a feedback URL.

    Students are invited to leave feedback after every session, thereby enabling JVS to track satisfaction day-to-day, rather than quarter by quarter. This results in a better student experience, which leads to higher retention rates and increased student success.

    JVS is now better equipped to help its students succeed, and can make more informed decisions that are backed up by meaningful and relevant data.


See how a leading hotel chain uses ntropy across their customer journey…

  • Prospect

  • Social Triggered Survey

    Scrolls through Facebook feed

    Jessica sees a targeted ad asking for her feedback on what makes a great child-friendly hotel experience. She clicks on the CTA and is redirected to a responsive ntropy survey. At the end of the survey she provides her email address and is sent a 25% off voucher for the Pulse Hotel.

  • Website Widget

    Visits Pulse Hotel Homepage

    Wanting to learn more about the hotel, Jessica navigates to their homepage and starts browsing. An ntropy-powered survey widget pops up on the homepage, asking Jessica if she’s stayed at the hotel before. The questions are personalized based on her responses, so she learns about their rewards program and how to enroll.

  • First-Time Customer

  • Push Triggered Survey

    Fills in survey at reception

    5-minutes after check-in, Jessica receives a push notification asking her to share some feedback on the check-in experience. She spends 30-second providing her feedback, letting the hotel know that the receptionist made her feel welcome, but she had to wait an extra 45-minutes for her room to become available. She gives the experience a 6/10 rating. This feedback is shared with the hotel in real-time, triggering a second push notification to Jessica that tells her to head to the hotel bar for a complimentary drink of her choice to apologize for the delay.

  • SMS Triggered Survey

    Fills in survey at dinner

    Later that evening, Jessica and her family are having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. Jessica notices a coaster on the table that asks her to text 21-000 to provide her feedback on the meal. The coaster also lets her know that she’ll receive $10 off her meal for providing her feedback. Jessica texts the number, fills in a 5-question survey, and receives a $10-off voucher which is emailed to her upon completion.

  • Repeat Customer

  • Email Triggered Survey

    Receives post-stay feedback survey 

    24-hours after Jessica checks out, she receives an email asking her to take 2-minutes to give her feedback on her stay. She clicks the CTA in the email on her phone, and is redirected to a responsive ntropy survey that guides her through 10 questions about her stay. At the end of the survey, she goes into a draw to win a free night’s stay at the Pulse Hotel.

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