Customer Success

We’re nothing without our customers. That’s why your success means everything to us.

What is

Customer Success?

We want every customer of ours to be an advocate. That you’re happy with the platform, seeing success with our suite of tools, and able to demonstrate a tangible ROI is therefore paramount. Our team of dedicated support and customer success managers will guide you through your onboarding phase to ensure a successful implementation, and then work with you as a strategic partner for the duration of your relationship with us. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do at ntropy, so you can be confident you’re in the best hands with our team.

What that means

for you.

In a sentence: a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your account, backed by 9-to-5 technical support. We can work as closely with your team as needed to ensure you’re successful with our platform. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Weekly meetings during onboarding
  • Monthly strategy meetings once you’re up-and-running
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • <12-hr turnaround on technical support tickets
  • Personalized training for platform features
  • Access to online knowledge base

The Benefits

Best-in-Class Onboarding

We work hard to ensure your team is comfortable with the platform and up-and-running as quickly as possible to achieve maximum ROI. This starts with a kick-off call to ensure goals and expectations are aligned and ends with high priority campaigns live and analytics dashboards in place for ongoing reporting and decision making. During this time, we’ll also run hands on training workshops and provide guidance for creating high performing campaigns.

Future Proofing

Your customer success manager is a trained platform expert, with extensive knowledge of the feedback industry. They will work with you on an ongoing basis to understand the unique and changing needs of your business, and recommend strategies that help you achieve your short and long term objectives.

Sanity Checks

Although we aim to equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to take full ownership of your feedback and engagement campaigns post-onboarding, we’re always there to provide a helping hand and review your work pre go-live, to give you the green light and peace of mind you need to hit that “launch” button. This can be invaluable for smaller departments or busy teams that are pressed for time and need to validate their work quickly and surely.

Ongoing Training

Your customer success manager can create bespoke training programs for you and your team, offering guidance that’s specific to your use-case and training you on new platform features. This ensures your team is equipped with the skills they need to work autonomously in the platform, and that you don’t spend hours training new team members on ntropy as a result of staff turnover.

Feature Development

We’re constantly making optimizations to our platform and releasing new features. Because of this, we welcome feedback on where we can improve and encourage you to speak with your customer success manager if you have a bespoke request or need a new piece of functionality. Your customer success manager will work with you to capture your requirements, then share and scope them out with our engineering team. You will be kept abreast of proposed solutions, planned development and approximate release timings.


Our customer success team acts internally as the voice of the customer, ensuring your interests are heard and considered and that your feedback is shared with the appropriate teams. They will work with you to identify areas of improvement and inform you if new, more efficient processes become available in the platform to help you carry out your work.