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The world’s leading cities, counties, BIDs and downtown areas are choosing ntropy to reach more people, get smarter data, and power decision making through unique insights.

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Step away from

the clipboard.

Our cities and downtown areas are transforming, with civic engagement laying the foundation for change. So let’s put down the clipboards and start engaging citizens in a way that’s meaningful and relevant to them. Think mobile-first, simple, fun, and rewarding. And whilst you’re at it, think solutions that deliver the data and insights you need, to backup the decisions you make.

Mobile First

ntropy’s responsive solution is designed with a mobile-first mindset, to embrace today’s mobile world and engage pockets of the community who are traditionally underrepresented or hard to reach. Today, studies suggest that millennials spend upwards of five hours a day on their mobile devices, with 51% of people confirming they use their mobile devices to discover new brands and products. Engaging with citizens through mobile-first technology is therefore vital to any effective feedback solution. Mobile devices also enable a rich collection of sensor data – necessary for contextual insights and ongoing innovation.

Location Aware

ntropy’s collection of sensor data alongside citizen feedback provides you with a unique range of data points. Use our location-aware technology to create adaptive surveys that personalize questions based on a citizen’s location or movement, resulting in higher response rates and more qualitative feedback. Our interactive dashboards then provide advanced filtering based on demographics, locations, time and much much more. In a powerful and visual way you can quickly identify key patterns that support planning needs such as travel patterns, where feedback is coming from and where people are spending time.

More feedback with rewards and a multi-channel approach.

Trigger feedback campaigns across a range of channels including SMS, push, email, widgets, mobile web and mobile app. Then increase response rates with local rewards and gamification. To date, our customers report up to 10x more feedback when compared to traditional methods.

Build a feedback community or research panel.

Use ntropy to build your own private community or research panel for ongoing engagement. Or, if you’re just looking for a quick pulse check, take advantage of ntropy’s existing, ever-expanding community who have opted in to provide feedback on matters that are relevant to them.

View real-time insights with interactive dashboards.

We love data that provides actionable insights. That’s why we provide a wide range of feedback analytics and interactive dashboards that come out-of-the-box. Whether filtering by demographic, extracting sentiment or visualizing response location heat maps, ntropy has you covered.

Case Studies

See how other organizations use ntropy

From multi-year strategic plan consultations, to youth services teams tracking interactions on-the-go, to major events and festivals, ntropy is used by cities, counties, business improvement districts and downtown areas around the globe. Click on the boxes to expand our case studies and discover more.

  • City of Greater Geelong - Youth Services

    Geelong’s Youth Services team saves 45 hours of staff time every week by tracking interactions on-the-go through ntropy’s mobile application.

    ntropy’s mobile application, which supports both iOS and Android, is used by the City of Greater Geelong’s Youth Services team to track and monitor engagement with youth across the region.

    Staff members quickly and easily track their interactions with the youth by completing a mobile form that collects key interaction data such as location, duration, engagement type, outcomes and linkages to the City’s youth strategies.

    As data is captured, the ntropy platform automatically segments and classifies it to identify key patterns and provide a single, searchable view of interactions across the region.

    Real-time dashboards then provide key stakeholders and team members with a visual representation of their engagement activities, allowing them to make smarter, data-driven planning decisions.

  • Union Square BID - Event Engagement

    One survey. 570 respondents. 9,000 questions answered. 50% cost-saving on traditional methods.

    As an innovative organization with a focus on customer experience, San Francisco’s Union Square BID partnered with ntropy to offer a digital engagement solution to capture unique feedback, data and insights from visitors at their Winter Walk Event in December 2018.

    By simply texting ‘unionsquare’ to 21000, visitors received a survey URL that linked through to a 15-question survey that collected their feedback on the event and, in return, gave them the chance to win eVouchers.

    The BID was then provided with dashboards that showed their visitor feedback in real-time, allowing them to share key insights with sponsors and stakeholders, and influence planning for future events.

  • City of Sydney - Strategic Planning

    Revolutionizing city planning with millions of data points and increased engagement across hard-to-reach demographics.

    The City of Sydney uses ntropy to engage residents and visitors on a variety of topics that directly impact their 2050 strategy.

    By triggering feedback across email, push, web, mobile web and mobile app, the City reaches far more people from a broader demographic. Residents and visitors can opt-in to join the City’s research panel and continuously engage across one or more communication channels.

    For planning decisions that require more data, the city can invite panel members to share anonymized information through the ‘Sydney Your Say’ mobile app (powered by ntropy) such as the places they visit, and the WiFi hotspots they connect to.

    The end result is a unified view of feedback and its supporting data, with inbuilt analytics that automatically process responses to identify information and patterns that are relevant to policy makers and city planners.

What Citizens Are Saying

  • ★★★★★

    “Great way to provide feedback on a range of topical issues. Infinitely better than the postage spam you receive in the mail.”

  • ★★★★★

    “The app is very easy to use… and guess what? I just received a voucher I can redeem to one of the major retail store in Sydney…”

  • ★★★★★

    “As a first-time user (and not particularly tech driven person), found this terrific. Attractive, easy to use and fun!”

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