About us

We’re on a mission to transform feedback and experience management…

Why was ntropy created?

The past ten years have seen technical innovation create a sea-change in the world of digital engagement. But even in a world of cloud integration, big data, and automation – the same practical problems remain. Organizations fail to capture feedback, poor quality data is produced, and teams still struggle to analyze and present their findings.

ntropy was developed to address the meaningful issues that surround modern digital engagement, feedback and experience. This meant making outreach easier, improving data quality, adding insightful analytics, and making reporting faster and more intuitive.

For many, software tools offered a wealth of opportunities when it came to interacting with and learning from their audiences. However, few unified solutions offered the ability to encourage their respondents to engage or to easily extract the insights needed for data-driven decision making. This made things hugely frustrating for high level decision makers. Many were forced to hire external data scientists and endure delays when it came to getting their hands on reports. But for teams conducting information gathering in these environments, the situation was even more severe.

Time and time again, we witnessed administrators running into the same obstacles. Respondents would fail to engage with questionnaires or lack the motivation to complete surveys. Administrators were forced to deploy a range of hybrid solutions that were unsuitable, difficult to manage for larger groups, and were unsustainable for overworked, smaller teams. Unfortunately, this lack of cohesion often led to categorical failures when it came to insight acquisition – producing data that was unreliable, unfilterable, and borderline unusable.


How did we approach the problem?

From reviewing this situation first-hand, it became clear what issues those operating in the feedback and experience space were facing.

First, we realized the platform had to be easy to deploy and take advantage of digital innovation. This led us to focus on creating a capacity for quick campaign set-ups. This allows new campaigns to go live within minutes. Given the rate of change in the sector, the platform also needed to be flexible. This meant offering a SaaS solution that could support more complex, customer specific functionality without the need for custom software development.

Of course, we realized that the market needed an open platform supported by trusted partner organizations, so we built a network of trusted partners to provide complementary services. This includes additional services such as physical advertising, niche data crunching, visual design elements, and more.

This approach has allowed us to deploy a range of best-in-class functionality when it comes to data analytics, digital engagement, and the development of best practice.

What do we believe?

At ntropy, we are strong advocates for supporting the teams of hard working individuals who use our product. Bearing this in mind, our ethos is built around supporting our customers and building confidence and sustainable competence in the system. In aid of this, we believe in:


Committing to client care: No matter their size, every customer receives comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support in the use of their system. Every ntropy customer is allocated their own customer success manager that works with you and your decision makers to eliminate the pain of onboarding and ensure that your teams are able to manage your system. This prevents any knowledge-based errors, ensuring a safe, supervised go-live every time.

Advocating for data sovereignty: We take every step possible to ensure that you retain full ownership of your data. The ntropy platform is built to store and access data in the country where the customer is. This removes compliance issues and configuration needs, enabling quick set ups and avoiding issues around data handling.

Optimizing your approach: Given our range of customers, we are experienced in a variety of sectors. We’re always open to exploring new use cases and spending time to understand new challenges.

If you want to get in touch with the ntropy team, you can contact us directly and let us know what issue you’re encountering.