When it comes to moments of crisis, it’s more important to respond without being reactive.

COVID-19 represents an existential threat to certain population segments and a long-term risk to economic infrastructure. This places pressure on small businesses and especially those in vulnerable sectors such as tourism, hospitality, and retail. 

Bearing this in mind, it becomes vital to understand these risks and take decisive, evidence-based action.

So, why is it so important to tackle these now and what options are available to you?

What challenge do we face?

Simply put, COVID-19 is changing the market faster than we can reliably measure.

Current approaches to tackling COVID-19 ask citizens and tourists to observe social distancing, minimize global travel, and only make essential trips. With the public health at risk, this means that many businesses are starved of the revenue needed to stay afloat.

While we can estimate the impact that this will have, the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 makes it essential to gather first-hand evidence in a timely, reliable manner – especially in ways that are budget and time conscious. We know that social distancing measures will cause a significant blow to the UK’s (and world) economy, placing the £257bn annual stimulus from the tourism industry at risk, alongside the unknown long term damage to business.

For cities, councils, and arms-length government bodies, it becomes vital to engage with vulnerable businesses that could otherwise struggle to survive the crisis. And with some areas already reporting a reduction of up to 50% in footfall, the effects are likely to be felt throughout 2020 and beyond.

In moments of crisis, we all risk making decisions without timely data. And while it is important to act to bridge this knowledge gap, it is essential to act with the provision of evidence and insight.

However, gathering this information in a time of disruption and social distancing is extremely challenging and costly. And conducting ‘boots on the ground’ surveys carry a significant risk for survey takers and businesses with self-isolating or at-risk employees.

This makes it critical to understand:

  • What is the current impact on revenue?
  • What are the statistics and figures behind the crisis?
  • Who needs help?
  • What long and short-term support do they need needed?
  • What level of stimulus and support should be provided?

How does ntropy help?

ntropy’s platform provides a suite of digital engagement tools for capturing data from your audience – letting you make actionable decisions based on first-hand evidence.

Capture data over email, SMS, websites and much more.

Deployable within 24 hours, ntropy lets you view live feedback, filter and review data, and easily export your findings. This allows you to engage, analyze, and address a developing threat – letting you harvest the key data required for your decision making.

Built to enable you to respond with speed and accuracy, the platform gives providers real-time updates across useful market segments. To do this, ntropy takes a multi-channel approach that allows respondents to be contacted and engage through SMS, email, websites and more. This eliminates the challenge of social distancing and ensures respondents are heard and eventually given the relief and support they actually need.

This allows you to act immediately – capturing data, acquiring insight, and reporting on your findings with minimal effort.

In practical terms, this allows for:

Timely Rollouts: ntropy deploys within a 24 hour period, letting you quickly capture the information you need. This possible due to our streamlined design, support from our customer success agents, and a commitment to putting tools in the hands of your teams – providing a sustainable, fit-for-purpose solution.

High Flexibility: ntropy is designed to either be fully customisable, act as an ‘out of the box’ solution, or a bespoke configuration that meets your needs. Forms can be easily amended, engagement methodologies customized, dashboard functionality configured, and more. This makes it easy for your team to use and ensures that each implementation meets all your requirements. 

Continuous Analysis: Our platform dashboards allow for live updates as respondents submit their data. This lets you access real-time reporting with a click, to set triggers and alerts, and automate complex calculations. If there is a pressing issue in the sector, we can help you capture and acquire insight from it.

Expert Guidance: Our team of data scientists support your work every step of the way. This involves taking the time to understand the purpose behind your engagement and ensuring that the information you require is obtained through your forms. We understand the value of collaboration and delivering a clean implementation, especially in challenging times.

Long-term Value: Once operational, ntropy allows for flexible, long-term data capture. This allows it to be changed and adapted to your needs – letting you quickly capture information in response to changing goals, targets, or priorities.

Filter data by location, business type, impact severity and much more.

What does the package offer?

With time at a premium, we have assembled a dedicated package to help you to reliably access and review the information you need.

This includes:

Assisted Design: The platform comes with pre-constructed forms to capture information about the impact of COVID-19. These are designed by research analysts with 30+ years of experience and are fully customizable.

Live Analytics: The package includes access to an Advanced Analytics Dashboard, allowing your team to filter your response data with a click. This lets you quickly view live information on key demographics, locations, mission-critical datatypes, and more.

Targeted Outreach: The package uses SMS and email to invite businesses to engage, letting you maximize engagement and retain full control over who you approach.

Research and Reporting: Our dashboards let you bundle your key findings in a range of standardized formats for stakeholders with a single click. Our embedded website widget means that you can easily interface with your existing infrastructure.

The package provides a timely, friction-free rollout and allows access to ongoing guidance. This lets you engage with those facing down COVID-19, instantly acquire actionable insights, then quickly feed this digestible evidence to those who need to see it.

Get real-time data that let’s you analyze feedback over time.

What next?

If you want to learn more about how digital engagement can help in the current challenging environment, our team is here to help. With 30+ years of expert experience across a range of sectors, our experts work to support your actions and ensure a quick, fit-for-purpose implementation.

To learn more, book a no-commitment demonstration with us today.

If you want to talk through the options available to you, you can contact us directly ([email protected]) and detail the unique situation you’re struggling to address.