Did you know that 30% of consumers today are increasingly inclined to complete a survey? Most importantly, customers, employees and communities are not only eager to contribute their feedback but also want to know their input is valued by the companies they engage…not just collected. This new reality poses a great opportunity for organizations that effectively leverage surveys in their marketing strategy.

It also leads to some important questions: How can an organization best structure a survey campaign to 1) capture the most feedback and 2) add the most value to the consumer?

Introducing Three Effective Strategies to Get More Feedback


The best survey campaigns not only request response, they elicit engagement with who you are and what you represent to the respondent. The question is why does survey customization lead to more captured feedback? People engage with brands, not forms.  No customer, employee or visitor wants to finish a great experience with a static, dull survey document. The more boring or cumbersome the experience, the more likely a respondent will be to drop-out of or even worse, skip taking a survey altogether. On the contrary, feedback campaigns that incorporate brand colors, logo, and images that reflect the message you aim deliver, serve as the final chapter of a compelling story. A story that says, “I care about your experience at every step of the process.” vs “Buy into my message but first, could you take this haphazard survey? Thanks.”

Ensure your surveys represent your brand with customized images, colors and logos.

Mobile – The Preferred Method of Feedback Invitation Among Consumers

Smart phones and mobile devices have rendered desktops all but obsolete. Moreover, 90% of people looking to give their feedback would prefer to do so via their mobile device where they access their favorite social media and receive text messages. This means whether the bulk of your marketing strategy resides on your website, your social (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or email outreach, your survey campaign will be accessed via a mobile device. A mobile accessible survey that can carry your brand across a bevy of devices is critical to strong feedback campaign.

Social Media Outreach

Despite the ever-growing presence of political and social debates on Twitter and Facebook, nearly half of social media users prefer accessing social media via mobile apps. Having access to short URLs and easily clickable links is critical to serving a positive experience that encourages user response.

SMS / Text

There is still a misconception that SMS/Text is a pseudo method of customer outreach. “Most people don’t want to receive a text.”,  “Customers think text messages are obnoxious.” or “They will just delete the message.” are all common objections. The opposite couldn’t be more true. A majority of people (71% actually) consider text messaging an effective form of communication with a business/organization. The average SMS open rates are as high as 98%. Yet only approximately 39% of marketers  incorporate SMS outreach as part of their marketing plan. The businesses and civic organizations that take advantage of SMS/Text will be not only be ahead of the game but they will capture the real feedback they need.


The best way to encourage feedback is to incentivize it. Up to 20% of people who take the time to fill out a survey do so because there is a financial incentive or reward. Whether it be a coupon for $5 off their next visit, entry into a prize drawing or contribution to the charity/cause of their choice (not a bad idea), respondents often experience their input being of value through a tangible reward.

Add reward vouchers, charity donations, or even a free hug!

Bringing it all together

Since we now understand the elements of an effective survey feedback strategy, we need the right tool where organizations of any size can avoid having to hire an entire research and IT department to quickly engage their customers.

ntropy combines branding, mobile SMS and incentive capabilities to capture the most feedback across a wide range of demographics. Gone are the days of needing a PhD to be able to create, customize and deploy a survey that is reliable for your team and fun for the respondent. ntropy is designed to save time and headache so you can begin to capture the analytics you need to take action immediately.

Higher Quality Conversations Among Stakeholders

No one likes sifting through tons of reports irrelevant to their objectives. ntropy’s streamlined dashboards allow teams to drill down and parse the real-time data they without loosing how their focus fits into the larger picture.

Faster, Simpler Campaign Implementation

Does capturing feedback have to be complicated? We don’t think so. ntropy’s four-step survey wizard sets the foundation for a professional and interactive survey respondents can easily engage and be excited to complete.

Better Engagement and Stronger Connection with Communities
ntropy enables leaders to act rather than react to marketing trends/gaps within their target audience. Whether a customer to your storefront, employee in your organization or citizen living in your district, connection among communities is what the ntropy platform facilitates and strengthens. It is connection that solidifies a team, grows a business, builds a community.

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