Collect feedback and experience data, discover insights, and take action to delight your customers.

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Whether you’re struggling to reach your audience, capture feedback and experience data, or effectively analyze and report on your findings – teams of all sizes have their work cut out for them.

Designed to bring order and insight to your data gathering, ntropy is a comprehensive suite of engagement, feedback and analytics tools that operate as a unified enterprise solution. ntropy allows you to quickly set up and launch your campaigns and manage them with ease. Once activated, you can gather real-time feedback, quickly analyze your findings with pre-configured dashboards, and provide your stakeholders with clean, data-driven decisions.

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As a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, ntropy allows organizations of all sizes to achieve and exceed their goals, on time, and within budget. Here’s how it’s done…

Intuitive setup

Develop your engagement or feedback campaign using our drag-and-drop form builder and intelligent question bank. From there, leverage gamification features to incentivize participation, and build user segments to better target your outreach.

Deploy feedback campaigns 80% faster80%
Increase response rates by up to 100%100%

Digital Engagement

Deploy your campaign across multiple channels including email, mobile app, SMS and embeddable widget. ntropy’s responsive surveys can even be displayed on mobile and tablet devices to capture feedback in-person. Store a database of contacts for future outreach, or create your own research panel for ongoing engagement.

0xReach 8x more people0%Up to 50% more cost effective

Detailed analysis and reporting

View feedback in real-time using pre-configured analytics dashboards. Quickly slice-and-dice your data to highlight trends, dig into demographics and create insightful reports that can be shared with stakeholders and key decision makers. This lets your administrators improve the quality of your captured data and manage your campaign with full oversight and ease.

100 Million +Data points analyzed each week

Our Mission

At its core, the ntropy platform is designed to help you extract meaningful feedback and insights from your target audience – thereby ensuring you achieve your goals. This can be as simple as deploying best-practice questionnaires, incentivizing participants with rewards, or analyzing detailed feedback with ease and speed.

In line with this, we also want to ensure that your experience with ntropy is as enjoyable and successful as it can be. Our self-service tools mean that you can get started in minutes, and our dedicated team of support and customer success specialists are on hand to help you along the way.

How can ntropy help you?

ntropy is designed to help your administrators and teams tackle a range of common problems. These include:

Failure to engage

Participants can be incentivized to interact through the creation of easy-to-answer questionnaires that respect their time. This is supported by the provision of custom rewards, gamification, and the use of digital engagement with your branding to build recognition and trust.

Lack of quality data

Our team works with you to understand the data you’re seeking to obtain and ensure that it’s captured by questions on your form. This is supported by a capacity for detailed campaign management that ensures the highest standards in data quality.

Difficulty acquiring insights

Our standard and advanced dashboard functionality allows you to get an ‘at a glance’ understanding of your captured data. This can be filtered and visualized with a single click, letting you create in-depth reports for key decision makers and stakeholders.

External pressures on your teams

The ntropy platform uses automation to eliminate repetitive or time-consuming tasks. This helps your budget stretch further and improves the efficiency of large and small teams.

Whether you’re conducting civic research for local government, survey-taking for professional insight, using data to enhance the customer experience, or deploying an internal tool for employee engagement; ntropy allows for light-touch, sustainable management – letting you get the most out of your feedback and engagement data when it truly counts.

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